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Homeshake is a Montreal-based indie pop project
helmed by singer/songwriter Peter Sagar, and
featuring contributions by Mark Goetz, Greg Napier,
and Brad Loughead. Homeshake’s songs are stripped
down and sensual, often inspired by smooth soul and
R&B but with a lo-fi, home-recorded aesthetic. Sagar
began recording and digitally releasing Homeshake
songs in 2012, and Fixture Records released his debut
cassette, The Homeshake Tape, in early 2013. Sagar
spent much of that year touring and playing guitar with
Mac DeMarco, as well as working on new material. A
brief mixtape called Dynamic Meditation, which
featured a ten-minute montage of new songs on the Aside
and the entire montage played backwards on the
B-side, was released in October of 2013 by Bad
Actors Inc. Homeshake’s debut album, In the Shower,
recorded at Montreal’s Drones Club, appeared on
Sinderlyn in 2014. Sagar returned to the Drones Club
to record Homeshake’s second proper album, the
more electronic Midnight Snack, which was released in
2015. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi